Sarah Cemmick
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United Kingdom
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Sarah graduated in Environmental Illustration at the University of Sunderland in 1996. With help from the Prince’s Trust, she began printmaking full-time, which started a love affair with Lino. Using traditional printing techniques, with the same set of tools she has used since her very first linocut, designs are carved into lino blocks.

Prints are pulled using linseed oil ink allowing some pieces to be additionally tinted with watercolour to give added texture. Influenced by wildlife, be it fluffy, furry or feathered, Sarah explores a variety of themes, including hares, foxes and British birds. Her artworks are held in private collections across the globe and Sarah has been commissioned by the National Trust and RSPB. Prints have been published in several books by Mascot Media including ‘The Artful Hare’ and can be seen at galleries throughout the UK. She lives and works from her home ‘The Pink House’ in Cumbria alongside her artist husband David, their two children Rosie and Woody, her beloved BooBoo, the mini long-haired dachshund and Tinker the outrageous ginger tomcat.

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