Being creative is in her DNA

Sally’s artistic inclinations began the moment she was able to pick up a coloured pencil.

Her childhood was spent growing up in the Australian bush, now living in the Adelaide Hills, Sally can be found in the outdoors wandering, dreaming, and gaining inspiration from her surroundings.

Majoring in illustration at the University of South Australia, Sally has spent more than 20 years heading up a high profile Design and Marketing consultancy firm here in Adelaide, South Australia.

Her love of printmaking stems from a reaction against the digital, the mass-produced and overexposure to advertising. To use print as a way of making art – every time you lift that bit of paper off the plate you never know what you are going to get – no matter how much planning you do. It is all those happy accidents – interesting marks, the way the ink sits on paper, even the plate ….. we could go on.

She now longs for the day when she can become a full-time printmaker and creative interpreter.

You will enjoy her mischievous animals and close studies of nature and landscapes.

Sally Caston, print maker

“This print of the nest is simply stunning! The detail and subtle blue colour of the eggs makes it very striking. It was packaged very carefully and postage was super quick. It’s up on the wall being admired by everyone who passes. Thanks again, I’ll be shopping with you again for sure!”

Jessica, Belair, South Australia

Linocut is a relief printmaking technique.
A design is cut into the lino surface with sharp tools, leaving the raised area (the relief) as the printable surface. The lino is then inked with a roller and then lovingly impressed onto paper using an etching press.

The reveal is a vulnerable, exciting moment.