Gel Printing

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at printmaking but been intimidated by the equipment that might be needed?

That’s where monoprinting — making a one-off print—with either a Gelli or an acrylic plate comes in. 

Monoprinting is a form of printmaking that allows you to create unique, free-form printed images every time. This allows you to produce abstract compositions, more complex details and traced contour images. Monoprinting is a quick process and gets you results much more quickly than other printmaking techniques.

Gelli printing plates are a soft, reusable plate for transferring your work to paper with hand pressure. They are a very easy and mess-free way of making monoprints, and work especially well with Golden OPEN Acrylic ink.

Interested in learning how to do Gelli plate monoprinting?

This processes is easy, versatile, therapeutic, exciting, restful and accessible. I teach my own personal approach – and from there students can adapt and make it their own in whatever way tickles their fancy.

For beginners, 15+ years.

Where: Houghton Studio

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