Drypoint Exploration

Do you enjoy drawing? Come and join me for a super fun afternoon scratching and inscribing a plastic plate.

In this entry-level printmaking course, learn the technique of Drypoint. Drypoint utilises a hard needle to ‘scratch’ a design into a base plate, similar to engraving. 

Drypoint itself is an acid-free, non-toxic intaglio technique, in which an image is incised into a plate (or matrix) using a sharp or hard-tipped tool, like an etching needle, X-acto knife, wooden sticks, or even nails and tacks. The plate is inked up like a traditional etching plate, and printed on a printing press, resulting in a beautiful, rich, image with lush plate tone and bold lines. Milk Carton drypoint is special because the plate isn’t metal, it’s literally pieces cut from a milk carton! You can use everything from ice cream buckets to orange juice containers. In this course, you’ll learn which materials work best, how to cut and shape plates, how to create areas of continuous tone and fine lines, and best of all, how to ink and print these unique surfaces. 

Drypoint Etching will suit those who enjoy drawing, design, and illustration and are looking to extend their hand drawing skills into print. Unlike linocut and relief printing techniques, etching allows more control over the line, depth, width, and texture of etches, creating a more nuanced texture and depth to printed work.

No experience is necessary and all materials are provided.

Where: Houghton studios

Workshop (including materials) Fees:
Single Class pass: $75.00 per person

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