Emma Swift Kirkman
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Emma is an artist/printmaker who is originally from Cumbria U.K Emma has an emotional and spiritual connection with nature, as an artist she draws inspiration from her love of flora and fauna, in which she immerses herself, exploring the countryside of Kaurna Country, as she did in her home land. Emma has gained an MA in Creative Practice and loves most kinds of printmaking, although she works predominantly with reduction printmaking. ’Reduction’ printmaking uses the same block of wood or lino to create the final image, building up the layers of colour and ‘reducing’ the block by cutting away each layer, until there is nothing remaining of the block. This creates a ‘limited edition’ of prints, and because the block has been destroyed during the process no more can be made from the block. Each print is hand rendered either with a baren or press, and so each print is unique with subtle differences. Emma uses rich colour to express her adoration of the natural world which lends itself to the whimsical images her work is known for.

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