Global Print Palooza | '24 Print Exchange

Welcome to the ‘Global Print Palooza’, prints without borders: uniting artists globally.

Connecting printmakers worldwide through printed art. Whether you’re a student, beginner, or established artist, everyone is welcome to join.

Spread the word to your printmaking pals – let us create a community!


2024 exchange opens
for registrations of intent at
12:01am Dec 1 2023

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Key dates
May 31  =  Registration closes but can be bribed with chocolate. 
June 30*  = DEADLINE ALERT = Please ensure that prints are dispatched no later than today and include a fridge magnet from your hometown to go on our etching press.

September = Your return exchange prints start shipping [untracked]
October = Exhibition opens in Adelaide, South Australia
December = 2025 exchange opens.

Mail to
The Printmaker
c/ Ingleside Studios
PO Box 123
Houghton, South Australia 5131

*This year, we’ve allotted an 8-week window for your artwork to reach Australia. Please be advised that if you post your submission after this deadline you run the risk of not being included in the exchange pack day. We believe this timeframe allows sufficient time for artworks from around the globe to make their way back to South Australia. However, your print will be included in the October exhibition still. 

This fee covers the expenses associated with the return postage and the careful handling of your prints during the exchange.

Aussie residents: $AU35 + a fridge magnet with your return prints
International: $AU65 + a fridge magnet with your return prints

What’s with the fridge magnet?
We want some magnetic magic. Your fridge buddy from home will strut its stuff on the studio etching press – yep, we’re talking a VIP address! Each magnet moves in like a tiny portal to a place, etching its unique story into our space. These mini marvels capture cultures and friendships in a snap. In a world where connection often feels like chasing Wi-Fi, these pocket-sized champs nudge us and remind us of our global connections.

My Backyard

Edition Size
Twelve (12)

Note: Due to the nature of the exchange, we cannot accept varied editions. Please ensure all prints submitted as one edition are as identical as possible.

Each print MUST BE interleaved with 14cm x 14cm glassine or tissue paper. 

Variable editions and artist proofs will not be accepted.

Paper selection
All prints must be printed on a recognised archival paper: e.g. Fabriano, Hahnemühle or Rives BFK etc… The only exception to this will be handmade paper made specifically for this exchange.

Be aware that thin rice paper is extremely difficult to hang, last year we had issues with a selection of prints. Please choose wisely.


Paper size
14cm x 14cm (5.5 inches x 5.5 inches)
Note: Please ensure all prints and paper are the same size.

Max. print size
10cm x 10cm (3.9 inches x 3.9 inches)

Print margin
A minimum 2cm (0.8 inch) clear margin is required around the print/image area.

Print presentation
Each print must be individually protected by acid-free tissue paper or glassine paper cut to size

All prints must be completely dry before submission.

Downloadable registration guides
Choose your laser printer’s page size, download and print it out.
A4 Template          US Letter Template

Signing and editioning
All your wonderful prints must be signed and editioned in the print margin along the bottom edge of the print with the following details:

  • Left-hand side
    – Edition Number (1/12, 2/12 … 12/12)
  • Centre – Print Title (optional)
  • Right-hand side – Artist’s Signature and Year

There must not be any other writing/labels and/or mark-making on the reverse of the print or within the print margin. Please use a pencil only when signing your prints.

Despatching your prints
Clearly write your full name on ‘something’ that is included with your prints to make INGLESIDE STUDIOS job a little easier when collating.

Don’t forget to include your ‘non-complusary’ fridge magnet for our studio etching press. A little piece of your back yard joining ours.

Get ready to win big with your printmaking skills

Get ready to seize the spotlight and score big with our amazing prize packs, courtesy of our pals at Speedball Products! It’s time to let your creative juices run wild, document your art-making adventure, and show us how you do what you do. You could be the ultimate prize-winning artist. 

Instagram Prize Pack: Three lucky winners will get Speedball Professional inks
Get ready to roll up your creative sleeves! Collaborate on your artistic journey – it’s a must. Then, share your masterpiece on our dedicated exchange Instagram page @mixed_incs, and don’t forget to tag @sally_printmaker and @speedball_art

1/ Show us your magic. Give us a peek into your creative process, and show us how you do what you do.

2/ Make sure your post gets lots of likes and saves. This will increase your chances of winning the big prize. It’s your time to shine! 
The Great Print-Off: Unveiling the Best Two Prints
A group of exceptional South Australian printmakers will go head to head to choose the absolute best – the top two prints from the full exchange collection. 
Pinnacle Print: A printmaker kit that will include Speedball Professional Inks, printmaking paper plus one awesome 6” brayer
Honourable Mention: The artist will take home additional inky awesomeness that will include Speedball Professional Inks and one awesome 6” brayer
Judged during the October exhibition.
Giveaway 3 Kanga Print Packs
Get ready to unleash your creativity with The Kanga Print Pack! We’re excited to bring you a unique combination of artistic tools – the Kanga Baren small and a pack of exquisite Handmade Paper sheets. 
Over the coming months in the new year, you have the opportunity to win this fantastic duo and elevate your printmaking experience.
Watch Instagram and your inbox for more details.
The Kanga Goodies:
Kanga Baren small: It’s not just a tool; it’s a paw-held printing baren party! Feel the ergonomic vibes and unleash your inner print warrior. The 7cm diameter ensures your prints are spoon-level smooth.
Australian handmade paper, pack of 8 Sheets: 8 A4 sheets of recycled soft fine paper straight out of Victoria’s artsy oven. Crafted with love by The Kanga Press, each sheet is like a mini-masterpiece with its own cool deckle edge.
Winner Winner Artsy Dinner: Only open to Australian and New Zealand residents.

Ever dreamt of showcasing your printmaking work in a global magazine?

This is your chance to get a feature in the Pressing Matters Magazine! The ultimate prize awaits – a chance to showcase your printmaking work in an International Publication – Pressing Matters.

Your Print Exchange entry will be appraised by printmaking experts from Pressing Matters Magazine. So make sure you tag them to be seen!

The prize: the artist selected receives, a small article spotlighting you, your studio and your work in the prestigious October edition. And to sweeten the deal, the head honcho is throwing in a 3-issue back issue bundle!

All submitted editions will be exhibited. The first exhibition will be for the month of October in Adelaide, South Australia. Artists will be notified of further exhibition dates and locations.

All participating prints will be put in a web gallery and may be reproduced digitally to promote additional exhibitions or future exchanges. Proper credit will be given to the artist upon reproduction; no monetary value will be associated with reproduction.

Frequently asked questions to date

How do I get my print to be perfectly placed in the middle each time?
Navigating this might feel like a puzzle, I get it, especially considering you have to do it a dozen times! But no worries, we’ve conjured up an easy-peasy print-at-home registration guide, tailor-made for awesome folks like you. Grab yours right here – just make sure to pick the paper size that jives with your trusty home printer.

A4 Guide Sheet     US Letter Guide Sheet

Can I share my work in progress and final images online via social media before sending the final prints to you?
Absolutely, without a doubt! Let the news travel like a rumour in a small town. Inform your buddies, your mom, your next-door pals – shout it from the rooftops! Let’s transform this into a truly communal extravaganza. Please tag @sally_printmaker and @mixed_incs  so we don’t miss it.

Use the fancy collaborate option on Instagram with @mixed_incs and you’ll pop up on that dedicated page. 

Do you have an exchange-specific hashtag?
#printpalooza #mixedincs

Do you have an Instagram page to collaborate with?
Yes, we are encouraging everyone to collaborate and feature their process and artwork images with  mixed_incs. Remember to make sure you tag both sally_printmaker and Mixed Inc. to get featured.

Can I print more than 12 and then sell them privately?
Absolutely, no doubt about it! Your creations are like VIPs in their own right, and you’re just letting a dozen of them strut their stuff in the cool crowd that’s all about this print exchange scene.

Can I set my own price for the sale of my print at the end-of-year exhibition?
While this would be ideal, sorry, no. With more than 100 printmakers to herd, the formula is this.

Your original entry fee + gallery commission = magic number.

You will be notified that your piece has been sold and you automatically get free entry into next year’s exchange! 

Can I submit more than one print?
You betcha! Here’s the scoop: each print needs a posse of twelve identical twins. But hold onto your artistic beret, because here’s where it gets quirky – you’ll only get a cool 10 prints back for each of your masterpieces unless you decide to take an encore and sign up again.

That’s when the print party doubles up! And don’t worry, I’ve conjured up just the right amount of postage mojo for one set per registration – mail magic, you know!

I would love to see everyone’s work when you have collated them. Will there be an online archive?
Our team will work together to capture photographs of each piece, subject to your permission, and subsequently, feature them in an online gallery. This initiative aims to document the global activities within the printmaking community for this year. It’s important to mention that a few artists have opted out of displaying their art online, so their pieces won’t be included.

When you return our prints will I be able to track my parcel?
In a perfect world, this would be wonderful! However, here at Ingleside Studios, we’re working hard to make sure everyone can join in without breaking the bank and feeling left out. To include tracking for all envelopes, our team felt the cost would exclude some artists. If you’re open to chipping in an extra $AU30 for a tracked envelope, kindly shoot an email to Sally here, and she’ll help you get everything sorted. Your support means a lot!

I need to pull out of the exchange for any number of reasons, can I get a refund? 
Sorry, no ticket back to Refundsville, but here’s the deal: shoot me an email at to give me the lowdown. Your entry fee will then go onto a new adventure – straight into the donation pot for our chosen charity this year. Trust me, they’re gonna give you a virtual high-five.

How will I know whose prints are who’s? 
Ingleside Studios as the team collates the prints you will be able to view the images online with full bios.  These details are from the entry form that was originally filled out. This will include the artist’s name, their location [no addresses will be included], social media tags, website and bio.

Can the print for the exchange be rectangular, for example, 2″ x 3″ or does it need to be square?
Great question. As long as it sits in the print space of 3.9″ x 3.9″ it can be any size or shape. See the gallery for examples.

Why are you asking for a fridge magnet?
Your fridge magnet is kinda of non-compulsary but we’d love it. Include it with your final 12 prints, it will then become a resident celebrity on the studio etching press – talk about an exclusive neighbourhood! With each magnet taking up residence, it’s like a mini doorway to a place, a memory, a connection, etching its way into our space. These little marvels are like snapshots of cultures and friendships, creating an artistic tale right on our studio’s “Preston” etching press. In a world that sometimes feels like it needs a Wi-Fi password to connect, these pint-sized champions remind us that the most unexpected places can be a global hotspot of connection.