2023 Print Exchange | Flora + Fauna

Sally Caston’s printshop, INGLESIDE STUDIOS is super excited to host 2023 inaugural International Print Exchange, connecting printmakers from around the world through printed media. The exchange is open to printmakers worldwide. Students, novice, emerging and established printmakers are encouraged to participate.


How it all works
After registering, each participating printmaker creates and submits a limited edition of prints on the theme, specifically for this exchange. These fabulous prints are to be created using a recognised fine art printmaking technique with archival materials. 

Of the prints submitted, INGLESIDE STUDIOS keeps two; the first is for our archive; the second is for exhibiting. The remaining prints are randomised, sorted, and each printmaker receives ten random prints in return from all printmakers all over the world.

How awesome is this! Please spread the word to your printmaking friends.


Key dates
May 31  =  Registration of intent closes. 
June 30*  =  MAIL DAY, packaged prints must be postmarked no later than this date, or include a bribe of a chocolate bar.

September = Your return exchange prints start shipping
October 1 = Exhibition opens in Adelaide, South Australia
December = 2024 exchange opens.

Mail to
The Printmaker
c/ Ingleside Studios
PO Box 123
Houghton, South Australia 5131

*posted after this date, we cannot guarantee that your world-famous print will be shown at the end-of-year exhibition.

This fee will offset costs incurred by us in return postage and handling your prints in the exchange.

$AU20   Australian registration
$AU35   International registration

Flora and Fauna

Edition Size
Twelve (12)

Note: Due to the nature of the exchange, we cannot accept varied editions. Please ensure all prints submitted as one edition are as identical as possible.

Each print must be interleaved with 14cm x 14cm glassine or tissue paper. 

Variable editions and artist proofs will not be accepted.

Paper selection
All prints must be printed on a recognised archival paper: e.g. Fabriano, Hahnemühle or Rives BFK etc… The only exception to this will be handmade paper made specifically for this exchange.

Paper size
14cm x 14cm (5.5 inches x 5.5 inches)
Note: Please ensure all prints and paper are the same size.

Max. print size
10cm x 10cm (3.9 inches x 3.9 inches)

Print margin
A minimum 2cm (0.8 inch) clear margin is required around the print/image area.

Print presentation
Each print must be individually protected by acid-free tissue paper or glassine paper cut to size. 

All prints must be completely dry before submission.

Downloadable registration guides
Choose your laser printer’s page size, download and print it out.
A4 Template          US Letter Template

Signing and editioning
All your wonderful prints must be signed and editioned in the print margin along the bottom edge of the print with the following details:

  • Left-hand side
    – Edition Number (1/12, 2/12 … 12/12)
  • Centre – Print Title (optional)
  • Right-hand side – Artist’s Signature and Year

There must not be any other writing/labels and/or mark-making on the reverse of the print or within the print margin. Please use a pencil only when signing your prints.

Despatching your prints
Clearly write your full name on ‘something’ that is included with your prints to make INGLESIDE STUDIOS job a little easier when collating.

All submitted editions will be exhibited regionally in pop-up and traditional galleries. The first exhibition will be Sally’s solo exhibition which is part of the South Australian Nature Festival in October 2023. Artists will be notified of exhibition dates and locations.

All participating prints will be put in a web gallery and may be reproduced digitally to promote additional exhibitions or future exchanges. Proper credit will be given to the artist upon reproduction; no monetary value will be associated with reproduction.

Frequently asked questions to date

How do I get my print to be perfectly placed in the middle each time?
This sounds a little tricky, I know and to do it 12 times! Well, we have created a simple print-at-home registration guide, especially for you. 

Download yours here, just choose which paper size you have in your home printer first.

A4 Guide Sheet     US Letter Guide Sheet

Can I share my work in progress and final images online via social media before sending the final prints to you?
Yes, most definitely! Spread the word far and wide. Tell your friends, your mother, your neighbours – tell everyone! I want this to be a real community-spirited event. Please tag @sally_printmaker so she can share also!

Do you have a exchange-specific hashtag?
Not for ’23, but I will definitely dream up one for ’24.

Can I print more than 12 and then sell them privately?
Most definitely. Your work is your work, you are just sharing 12 with the community that is part of this print exchange. 

Can I set my own price for the sale of my print at the end-of-year exhibition?
While this would be ideal, sorry, no. With more than 100 printmakers to herd, the formula is this.

Your original entry fee + $AU10 donation + gallery commission = magic number.

You will be notified that your piece has been sold and you automatically get free entry into next year’s exchange! 

Can I submit more than one print?
Yes, however, the catch is – each print must be editioned 12 times. For example; print a = 12 exact copies. Print b = 12 exact copies. Lastly, you will only receive 10 prints in return, even though you have submitted two different prints. However, if you register additionally, then I can return another set – does that make sense? I have only allowed postage for one set to be returned per registration.

When will the donated money go to the nominated charity?
Sally, will be donating all the collected funds when all the dust has settled after her solo exhibition in October. You will receive a letter of thanks via an e-newsletter.

I would love to see everyone’s work when you have collated them. Will there be an online archive?
Yes, this is the plan, my people are talking to tech people and together they will be photographing [with your permission] and then adding each piece to an online gallery. This will capture what is happening across the globe in the form of the printmaking community in 2023.

Please note, some artists already have said ‘no – I don’t want my art displayed online’ so they will be not included.

I need to pull out of the exchange because of any number of reasons, can I get a refund? 
No, you won’t get a refund, but I do ask you to email me at printmaker@castondesign.com and let me know. Your entry fee will be passed along to the charity of choice this year as a donation. I know they will thank you. 

How will I know whose prints are who’s when they get returned to me?
Ingleside Studios as the team collate the prints we will include a bio sheet. These details are from the entry form that was originally filled out. This will include the artist’s name, their location [no addresses will be included], social media tags, website and bio.

Can the print for the exchange be rectangular, for example 2″ x 3″ or does it need to be square?
Great question. As long as it sits in the print space of 3.9″ x 3.9″ it can be any size or shape.