Isobel Bundock
United Kingdom
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I am an emerging artist hailing from the North-West of England. I am currently completing my final year of a three-year Fine Art degree at the University of Salford. My studio practice combines the mediums of drawing and printmaking. Primarily, I use etching processes and screen printing. These two methods of creation are both able to stand alone or work hand-in-hand with each other. The philosopher, Catharine Abell, writes that “the relation between prints and drawings or paintings cannot be one of accurate representation”. In my studio practice, it is rare for a print to be created without first having created a drawing/s. However, I consider the etching processes to be an extension of my drawings, as they allow further exploration of mark-making and colour. I am drawn to nature, specifically birds and flowers, for their exuberant colour and their natural behaviours and adaptations in the environment.

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