Glenys Burwood
Relief print
United Kingdom

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I’m relatively new to the world of printmaking and I find myself situated along the enchanting East Coast of England, where vibrant poppies grace the landscape with their untamed beauty during the summer months. The rich hues of red and orange that adorn these blossoms, along with the captivating structure of their weathered seed heads, have effortlessly come together in my creation of a poppy-inspired print.

My journey into the art of linocut began during a textiles course, and it was a captivating experience that truly captured my heart. With this newfound passion, I’m eagerly looking forward to delving deeper into the realm of printmaking, embracing various techniques to enhance my skills and broaden my artistic horizons. The opportunity to take part in this print exchange program fills me with inspiration, and the thought of our collective work gracing an exhibition in the cherished region of South Australia fills me with immense excitement and joy.

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